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Unparalled client service and suport always,
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Carefully managed, outsourced Finance teams have been the prerogative of large companies for many years.

Here at Ingenuity, we have over 30 years of experience managing SME teams.

Covid-19 taught us that many aspects of our work do not need a physical presence and here we aim to assist those companies regain the competitive advantage by having a lower cost of administration.

Outsourcing does not mean a loss of control and our bespoke approach enables you to hire the right people, dedicated to your business, without having to worry about administration or regulation.

We work with you to provide the entire accounting function, excluding the CFO/FD role that we believe is essential to be kept in house for any organisation.

Our methodology entails a seamless integration into your organisation Your employees are managed by us to provide the service you require. Tailored and exclusive employees enable you to control their workload or allow us to design the entire workflow around your needs. This specific approach to enabling the best of class to be part of your organisation, allows you to be secure, confident and safe, within our facilities. The process is managed by experienced individuals, aiming to add value to you and your team.

We take a step-by-step approach to hiring, managing, training and then transitioning. All handovers are programmed to ensure all deadlines and tasks are completed, on time.

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Unparalled client service and suport always, delivered everywhere

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